Tony Loreto present Body Heat EP

Tony Loreto - Body Heat EPTony Loreto is back, with his new ep ‘the body heat ep“ signed bad mood trax. It’s the perfect blend between the tony’s old school background and the new tech-house. Its energy is consistent and doesn’t stop from start to finish.

‪#‎onlyforundergroundpeople‬ Executive Producer A.C.‬

BAD MOOD TRAX BIO: Thanks to the artistic and to a twenty-year experience of the men of “Bad Mood” appears from the darkness of the static nature of the modern sound the “BAD MOOD TRAX”. This project arises from the desire to instill feeling and values which had been lost in the musical scenarios. The label mixes exotic and urban sound in order to set free feelings regardless of ethnicity, of creed and of the color of the world. Dealing two historic kinds of music like deep house that evokes the sound and the jazz, the soul.. The music of the soul and like the tech underground who wrote some pages of the history. The Bad Mood Trax aims to attack the musical universe through a new course, a methodical and maniacal research of a refined sound, out of the conventional standards. ONLY FOR UNDERGROUNG PEOPLE.

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