Hardcore Top 100 – Best of 2015

Hardcore Top 100- Best of 2015Le migliori tracce hardcore del 2015 incluse in un’unica e splendida compilation. Una raccolta delle top tracce dei migliori artisti dell’Hardcore music. Compilation in uscita nei negozi di dischi il prossimo 13 novembre 2015. Ecco i titoli (su richiesta) dei singoli contenuti all’interno dei 2 cd della nuova Compilation di musica Hardcore dal titolo “Hardcore Top 100- Best of 2015“:

CD 1: Tha Playah, Neophyte And The V – Rebel Dizz#TiH Catscan & Armageddon Project – Wasp Bloodcage – Stress N Vitral – Crispy Bass Drum (Short Edit) Wasted Mind – Paradise Cruel Intentions – Stunned in Disbelief The Empire – Embrace the darkness (Reng Deng Deng 2015 Anthem) Wasted Mind – Triumphant Broken Minds – Apocalyptic Triax – Relinquish All Control Furyan – The Reckoning #TiH State Of Emergency – Animals Promo – Airwalker (OMI Remix) Bloodcage – Bloodline Nitrogenetics – Game Of Inches Catscan – Divine Area Nosferatu – Assassinator Style Koozah – Stand Up Advanced Dealer – Let Us Fuck #TiH Radio Killah – Bring The Motherfucking Bass Re-Style – Vicious Nosferatu & Art Of Fighters – Devil’s Mind #TiH Re Style feat. MC Tha Watcher – Forge Your Freedom The Viper & Nosferatu – Kingdome Come Miss K8 – Too Many Answers

Predator & Angerfist – The Switch (Meccano Twins Remix) AniMe & Rob Gee – You Get Me High The Melodyst – Fallen Angels D Fence – Koekoek Jonghuh! Radio Killah – War & Glory (The Melodyst Remix) Crossfiyah – Revolutionary Warfare Tommyknocker – Nobody Stopping This Catscan & Tomcat – Impending Doom Dyprax & MC Nolz – Posse Of The Hard (Official Syndicate Anthem 2015) N Vitral – Hard Energy D Passion – Evolution DJ Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff – A Real Voice #TiH Dyprax – Running Scared The Wishmaster – Let The Game Begin Bodyshock feat. Bloodcage – Intricate Javi Boss – Fuck You!! Korsakoff & DaY-mar feat. Erik – Hurt Furyan – Slapeloosheid Revolter – Born In The Game The Sickest Squad vs Tieum fea – Swingbeat #TiH Icha feat. Alee – Beast #TiH Amnesys – Embrace The Ultimate (Official Harmony Of Hardcore 2) Djipe – Architekt Of Domination Tieum – One More Riot Squad – Rage with Pride

CD 2: Lowroller – Savage Station Advanced Dealer – NSTFR State Of Emergency – Breaking The Rules The Viper – Heat Blaster #TiH Nitrogenetics – Kill Myself Art Of Fighters – Guardians Of Unlost Kasparov – Infected By Madness #TiH (Amnesys Remix) Catscan – 50 Second Of Fame (Placid K Remix) Koozah feat. MC Braincase – Redominated Javi Boss – Number One Returns Promo – Freak To The Core Re Style & Korsakoff – Skream Radio Killah – War & Glory The Melodyst – Breakdown #TiH Diablo Project & Physical Dama – Wanted The Empire – King Of The North Bodyshock – I Am Death Dyprax – Break Your Back Broken Minds – We Want Action Bloodcage – Martyr AniMe – Terrordome #TiH DJ Mad Dog – Not My Tempo Radio Killah – I Said The Underground Javi Boss – Rock Parties D Passion – The Culture

Dyprax & Bodyshock – Ominous Crossfiyah – Voices Of The Dead Tha Playah & Nosferatu – Riders of Retaliation (Official Dominator Anthem 2015) Nitrogenetics – Apex Predator The Wishmaster – Rock The System Triax & Predator – The Enemy List Tommyknocker – Winners #TiH N Vitral & Sei2ure – Noise Pumper Bodyshock feat. MC Jeff – Talk About It Predator & Angerfist – Silent Notes (Re-Style Remix) Miss K8 – The Poison D Fence – Krakaka Wasted Mind – Sick Of Life Furyan – Rugged Revolter – Rock With Me Tieum feat. The Punisher & Sut – Disorder (Official Ground Zero 2015 Anth) Icha – Killing Time Djipe – East Coast Fat Shit Tieum feat. Batch – Demon Nosferatu – Not Giving A Shit Cruel Intentions – Fitti At My Fissa Drokz – Rip It Up Neophyte & Icha – Fear Neophyte & Icha – Fear (NEO108) Riot Squad – Doshemeklota

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