mercoledì 22 Settembre 2021

Hardcore T.u.c. 2013 – Vol.3

Ecco i titoli-tracklist (su richiesta) dei singoli contenuti all’interno dei 2 Cd della nuova compilation di musica Hardcore “Hardcore – The ultimate collection 2013 – Vol.3“:

CD 1: DaY Mar – Embrace The Night (Outblast Remix) Angerfist – Don’t Fuck With Me AniMe – Be a God #TiH Dyprax – The Future Counterfeit – Entity Producions Javi Boss – All The Time Tha Playah & E-Life – Lead The Way (Harmony Of Hardcore 2013 Anthe) D Ceptor – Schatten The Supreme Team – Carnival of Doom (Official Dominator Anthem) Catscan – Gates Of Hell AniMe feat. Tha Suspect – Hands Up Bodyshock – Hold U Back Tymon – Fuck You Pay Me Noizeskill – Panic Exhale Endymion & The Viper feat. Fer – Raging In The Dancehall (The Outside Agency Remix ) Placid K – Come Down #TiH Dirty Bastards feat. Mc B-Kick – Harder And Faster Neophyte & Nosferatu – Rubberduck Decipher & Shinra – Extortion Thunder vs. X-Mind – Miss Honey

CD 2: Angerfist – Street Fighter The Opposites & Yellow Claw – Thunder (Evil Activities & E-Life Remix) Javi Boss – Dimension Re Style – Get It Crackin Evil Activities – It’s OK Dyprax feat. MC Syco – Culture Of Chaos Endymion – Make Some Noise (Furyan Remix) AniMe – Cracks Dirty Bastards feat. Mc B-Kick – Slaves D Ceptor – Raw Sushi DaY Mar – Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses (Wasted Mind Remix) Hellsystem & Lowroller – Introspection Noizeskill – God’s Violence Obscurity – No Loyalty Counterfeit – Molded Patterns Catscan – Modular Capacity Knightvision vs. Wedlock – The Holy Kingdom (Nosferatu Remix) Negative A – Take Shots At Criticism Thunder – “Kiss My…” Neophyte & Unexist – Get This Or Die

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