Hardcore – Best of 2014

Hardcore - Best of 2014Il meglio delle Hardcore, le migliori tracce di tutto il 2014. Con artisti come: Angerfist, Mad Dog, The Viper, Neophyte, Evil Activities, Unexist & Tieum e molti altri. Ecco i titoli (su richiesta) dei singoli contenuti all’interno dei 3 Cd della nuova Compilation di musica Hardcore dal titolo “Hardcore – Best of 2014“:

CD 1: Amnesys feat. Axys & Nolz – The Troublemaker #TiH N3AR – Rebirth The Wishmaster – Everybody Hardcore Crossfiyah – Depths Of Truth Juanma – Musical Violence Decipher & Shinra – Dead Man Radical Redemption & Drokz – Unparalelled Evil Masters of Ceremony – Rocking With The Best (Synthax & Prankster Remix) Angerfist – Knock Knock AniMe – Bitches #TiH Vociferous – Out Of Control Negative A & Counterfeit – Tested On Animals Promo – Eternally Dark (Hardshock 2014 Anthem) Tha Playah feat. MC Tha Watche – Eternal (Official Masters Of Hardcore A) The Prophet – Punk MF (The Masochist feat. MC Axys Re) Nosferatu – Hell Partyraiser & Darkcontroller – Crime Partners Neophyte Records All Stars – Door Het Dak! Andy The Core – Drop Zone (Biorekk Remix) Riot Squad – Anxiety

CD 2: Angerfist – Audio Waste (Crossfiyah Remix) Art Of Fighters – Keep On Rocking #TiH Dyprax & Bodyshock – Ominous The Masochist – The Sanitarium Hellsystem feat. Mc Axys – Disillusion Noxious – Hate Predator & Noizeskill – Next Level N-Vitral & Triax – The Reaper Miss K8 featuring MC Nolz – Metropolis of Massacre (Official Dominator Anthem 2014) The Viper & Kasparov feat. Ale – Meltdown Negative A – Merciful D-Passion – The Maximum Dione – Take It Away Promo – Nonsense Detest feat. Thrasher – Now You’ve Got Something To Di (Q-BASE OST) Biorekk – Get Up On This (Andy The Core Remix) Neophyte vs Lenny Dee – The Future Priests Of Now (System Shock Remix) Dave Drops – Back 2 Da Hardcore Tieum – Lock Me Down #TiH Partyraiser & Para Italia – Summer Madness

CD 3: Bodyshock – Bitch! Catscan & Armageddon Project – Wasp AniMe – Cowards Noxious – Time To Dance The Melodyst – Reject Evil Activities – Live Ammunition Hard Creation – Creators Of The Core (Nevaro Remix) Switch Technique – Wave Counterfeit – Wearing Your Face Miss K8 – Too Many Answers Wasted Mind – Here We Go The Stunned Guys – Shock The Audience #TiH State Of Emergency – Space Invaders D Passion – Bass In The Place Dione – Tearing Up The Underground (Lunatic & Miss Hysteria Remix) DJ Mad Dog – Rewind #TiH Unexist & Tieum – Hands Around My Neck Drokz & DaY-mar – RIP Cryogenic – On Leash Art Of Fighters – Goodbye (See You Next Time)

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